Something Good Is Cooking and You're Invited!

Join us for a Very Special Bring a Friend, Dinner Seminar Event: "Understanding Different Retirement Strategies”

Join Strategic Wealth Alliance Group for an enjoyable night out, some delicious food and some timely retirement information. At this event, Josh Ottinger discusses how retirees can feel confident about their retirement, no matter what is happening in the market or in the world around us.

Tuesday, June 20th, 6:00pm
1800 Sullivan Trail, Easton, PA 18040
Please arrive 15-30 mins early.

In this no-cost, no-obligation dinner seminar, we’ll discuss:


Finding Safety in a Changing World

  • Weighing your options of safety versus growth
  • How market downturns may impact retirement
  • Understanding different types of financial and insurance products in the current economy 

Income for Life in Retirement

  • Retirement income stability: Learn strategies to generate retirement income for life
  • Maintaining your lifestyle throughout your retirement years
  • Strategies for adjusting your retirement income with inflation

Your Legacy 

  • Options for leaving money to beneficiaries (and tax considerations)
  • Potential legacy options for avoiding probate
  • Strategies for leaving money and income for your spouse

We believe all retirees should learn as much as they can. Be armed with the knowledge of “Different Retirement Strategies” and join us!

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