Looking for information on making your investments more “active”? Join us while we discuss different concepts around “Actively Managed Money.”

Join us at

The Club at Twin Lakes: 3625 Shankweiler Rd., Allentown, PA 18104

Complimentary Educational Event: “Actively Managed Money, What Your Advisor Isn’t Telling You”

Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 6:00pm

Dinner will be served.
Come hungry!

Active or Passive?

  • Definitions of active and passive investment strategies
  • Visual guide examples on how investments may or may not be impacted by active management
  • Ways to gain more control over risk factors
  • Who decides where your retirement money goes?

Income Strategies

  • Mitigating risk and balancing income needs
  • Key factors in establishing retirement income
  • Strategies for managing income sources in retirement
  • Long term versus short term methods

Potential Benefits of Actively Managed Money

  • Why traditional asset allocation doesn’t necessarily work for all
  • Monitoring performance of investments
  • Flexibility in potential level of risk over time
  • Is retirement income impacted by actively managed money?

Risk Management

  • How to have a “realistic time horizon”
  • Strategy for controlling risk (not performance)
  • Active Money Management and risk
  • Strategies and retirement topics surrounding risk management

Be our guest for dinner and an informative event.
We’ll see you there.

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